Learn Chinese culture through the cloud

After 10 days of study, the online camp of "loving China · telling stories for you" (Jiangmen camp) held a closing ceremony in the activity room of the overseas Chinese home of the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese on July 19. Nearly 200 Chinese youth campers from 7 overseas countries and regions talked about their feelings and shared their gains through the cloud.

This summer camp has been open since July 8. Under the guidance of the head teacher, all campers have experienced the fun of learning Chinese through cloud learning, punch in and interaction every day, visited the world cultural heritage Kaiping watchtowers and villages in their hometown, felt the continuous struggle spirit of overseas Chinese in Wuyi, learned snacks and special dishes in the hometown of overseas Chinese, and learned to sing the great saltwater song of intangible cultural heritage, We made paper cuts with Chinese cultural characteristics, painted the mascot "Rongbao" with myriad artistic conception, and experienced the magic of Tiangong classroom.

At the closing ceremony, Huang Guanxiong, the principal of Curacao Chinese school, said that Curacao Chinese school had been established for eight years and had always adhered to the belief of spreading and inheriting Chinese culture. This summer camp coincides with the time. The course teaching videos provided well meet the students' desire to understand Chinese culture, and play a role of promotion and encouragement. The campers' active, active and hard work makes teachers and parents feel gratified. In the future, the school will strengthen communication with the home overseas Chinese Affairs Department, and lead overseas Chinese teenagers to maintain their pursuit and love of Chinese culture in multiple ways.

It is understood that with the support of the Provincial Federation of overseas Chinese, the Jiangmen Federation of overseas Chinese has hosted the "family China" overseas Chinese youth summer camp activity every year since 2017. Over the past five years, more than 1000 teenagers from more than 10 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, have participated in it, and everyone has studied Chinese together to understand China's national conditions and Chinese culture.

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