Overseas remote video notarization

At both ends of the screen, nearly 3000 kilometers apart, notarization procedures such as online identity verification, transcript inquiry, verification of signed documents, online and offline signatures are carried out one by one. Wuyi notary public office made a video connection with the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, and successfully handled overseas remote video notarization for Ms. Liang, a Chinese citizen living in Singapore, in only half an hour.

This is the first overseas remote video notarization successfully held in our city, marking the latest practical breakthrough in Jiangmen's in-depth promotion of the "overseas Chinese capital empowerment" project.

Foreign related notarization is an important aspect of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, many Chinese citizens who have done business or studied abroad have been unable to return to China for notarization. In order to solve the problem of "urgent difficulties and anxieties" of Chinese citizens overseas, the Municipal Bureau of justice, the Municipal Bureau of foreign affairs and other departments have worked together to actively report their needs to the relevant departments at higher levels and strive for policy support. In May this year, Wuyi notary office became one of the 94 overseas remote video notary pilot institutions (5 in Guangdong) identified by the Ministry of justice and the Ministry of foreign affairs.

Since it became a pilot, our city has made great efforts to promote the implementation of remote video notarization, a new notarization method, which has been effective, so that Chinese citizens overseas can handle notarization affairs involving personal relationships and major property rights and interests through online means.

Overseas Chinese with ancestral home in Jiangmen are spread across more than 100 countries on five continents all over the world, while 31 embassies and 34 consulates in five continents of the world also participate in the pilot of overseas remote video notarization, which means that with the further promotion of the pilot work, the city's foreign-related public legal services will extend to five continents.

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