Chicago Chong Lou association was established

According to the wechat official account "Taishan overseas Chinese Association", the Chicago Chonglou Association recently held its inaugural meeting. Wuzhaoding, an overseas Chinese from Taishan, became the first chairman of the association. Many Taishan overseas Chinese delegation representatives and overseas Chinese leaders attended the event.

At the inaugural meeting, Wu zhaoding thanked the villagers from other cities for coming to the scene to witness the establishment of the Chicago Chonglou Association, and thanked the members of the preparatory group and friends who worked hard and contributed to the establishment of the Chicago Chonglou Association. He said that the main purpose of the Chicago Chonglou association is to unite villagers, contact local conditions, help each other, love each other and seek common development. The American Chicago Chonglou association is a home of Taishan Chonglou villagers in Chicago. The association will be duty bound to try its best to build a good communication bridge for the villagers, actively participate in local activities, pave the way for the villagers to integrate into the local society, and will also contribute to the development and prosperity of the hometown in the future.

At the event, the guests and all the staff of the association also watched wonderful cultural and entertainment performances.

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