Intellectual Property Publicity Week

The reporter learned from the municipal market supervision bureau that Jiangmen 2022 intellectual property publicity week was held from April 20 to 26.

During the publicity week, the market supervision department will carry out the activities of intellectual property entering the campus in primary and secondary schools, and bring the concept of intellectual property awareness into the campus through the forms of expert explanation, playing popular science videos of intellectual property, intellectual property legal knowledge competition and small Knowledge Q & A, so as to enable teenagers to form the awareness of respecting knowledge, advocating innovation and protecting intellectual property from an early age and stimulate students' innovative vitality. At the same time, we will go deep into the key parks of our city to carry out the activity of "entering the park to benefit enterprises" of intellectual property pledge financing, carry out the publicity of intellectual property pledge financing policies, practical training and financial product promotion for the enterprises in the parks, and build a government, bank and enterprise exchange platform to alleviate the problems of difficult and expensive financing for the enterprises in the key parks.

The municipal market supervision bureau will also invite experts from the Provincial Intellectual Property Protection Center to hold public welfare patent pre-trial training. Give lectures on the interpretation of abnormal patent application policies, technical disclosure and high-quality patent writing, policies and ways to speed up the examination of patent applications, so as to improve the patent quality of our city and promote the cultivation of high-value patents.

The Bureau will also organize centralized inspection and rectification, carry out in-depth special actions to crack down on infringement of intellectual property rights and the production and sale of fake and shoddy goods, severely crack down on illegal acts of intellectual property rights, and enhance the awareness of the whole society to respect and protect intellectual property rights. At the same time, intellectual property public service advertisements are broadcast in large shopping malls, supermarkets, outdoor LED displays and bus bodies, and publicity materials on intellectual property legal knowledge and supporting policies are distributed to enterprises and citizens, so as to actively create a good intellectual property cultural atmosphere of respecting knowledge, advocating innovation, integrity and law-abiding and fair competition.

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