247 Jiang enterprises participated in the exhibition

The 131st Canton Fair will be held online from April 15 to 24 for 10 days. A total of 247 enterprises participated in the Canton Fair, and 637 booths were arranged by the conference, mainly distributed in 31 exhibition areas such as household appliances, lighting products, building and decoration materials, sanitary equipment, motorcycles, tableware, household products, bathroom products and food.

It is reported that the theme of this Canton Fair is China Unicom's domestic and international double cycle. The exhibition includes three parts: online display platform, supply and procurement docking service and cross-border e-commerce zone. For enterprises, seizing the Canton Fair as an open platform means seizing more opportunities for foreign trade development. Since 1998, Huayi sanitary ware has developed into the largest exhibitor in the hardware exhibition area. "In order to do a good job of participating in this online Canton Fair, Huayi sanitary ware is specially followed up by a professional team, and intensive preparations are made from the aspects of scheme discussion, product sample selection, plane shooting, video shooting, multimedia publicity, live rehearsal and so on, in order to show the brand and product strength more comprehensively." Huayi bathroom related person in charge said.

"At this Canton Fair, we will show new products, for which we have taken a lot of photos and video materials." The relevant person in charge of Guangdong Daye Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd. said.

At the same time, Guangmingyuan Light Technology Co., Ltd. also launched its new medical halogen lamp and elevator intelligent far ultraviolet disinfection lamp at this Canton Fair. "Medical halogen lamp can be applied to blood analyzer, which can effectively improve the accuracy of medical detection; elevator intelligent far ultraviolet disinfection lamp can realize man-machine friendly coexistence and is suitable for sterilization and disinfection in small space." The relevant person in charge of the company said that the ultraviolet surface disinfection machine and ultraviolet 222 nm excimer disinfection products used in the Winter Olympic venues will also be displayed this time.

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