Notarization service online

Recently, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese, the Municipal Bureau of justice and the Wuyi Notary Office of Jiangmen jointly held the launch ceremony of Jiangmen overseas Chinese related remote notary service.

During the activity, the person in charge of Wuyi notary office in Jiangmen introduced in detail the innovative concept and basic content of overseas Chinese related remote notary service in our city, focusing on the highlights of the electronic realization of the service system in the whole process of data query, upload, verification and audit. In the operation demonstration link, the staff handled the entrusted notarization business online for Mr. Zhong, an overseas Chinese in the United States, through remote video connection, so that everyone can intuitively experience the efficient, fast and convenient "online Notarization" service.

During the event, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese and Jiangyin Wuyi Notary Office jointly signed the framework agreement on legal services for overseas Chinese related notarization, and invited the heads of Jiangmen diversified solution studio for overseas Chinese related disputes from Brazil, Venezuela and Chile to witness it on the spot, so as to publicize the innovative measures of our city to safeguard the interests of overseas Chinese and serve overseas Chinese to overseas Chinese groups and overseas Chinese.

Before the coronavirus has 100 thousand foreign notarization business annually. After the outbreak, the notary public business is less than 33 thousand per year, down 67% from the same period. In view of this, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese, together with the Municipal Bureau of justice and the Wuyi notary office in Jiangmen, innovated and launched overseas Chinese related remote notarization services, using advanced technologies such as face recognition and encrypted electronic signature to provide dozens of factual notarization services for overseas Chinese at home and abroad, such as birth notarization, kinship notarization, marital status notarization, entrusted house purchase notarization, trademark transfer declaration notarization and so on, Realize the online notarization business of "no running at one time" and "zero contact and zero distance".

Next, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese will work with relevant departments to improve the overseas Chinese related remote notarization service, integrate it into the city's "smart overseas Chinese Affairs" information system, further strengthen cooperation with the diversified solution studio of overseas Chinese related disputes, publicize and promote the measures and achievements of the city's overseas Chinese service to overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao compatriots through traditional media, new media and overseas Chinese media, and help build a national platform for overseas Chinese public legal services, Enhance Jiangmen's function of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese.

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