Provincial incentives

Guangdong provincial river governor's office recently issued a notice to encourage areas with obvious achievements in the construction of Wanlibidao from 2020 to 2021. Pengjiang district and Jianghai District of our city received a one-time reward of 10 million yuan each, and the incentive funds will be used for the construction, management and protection of Bi road and the system of river and lake governors.

Jiangmen has always scientifically planned the construction of Wanlibidao in accordance with the principle of giving priority to the urban and surrounding rivers, the county and surrounding rivers, the two sides of the town ruins and surrounding rivers, and the scenic spots, wetland parks and surrounding rivers. At present, the city has invested 4.857 billion yuan to build 348 kilometers of Bidao, exceeding the provincial target of 339 kilometers three years ahead of schedule. Among them, 56.38 kilometers have been built in Pengjiang district, with a total investment of 1.945 billion yuan; 42 kilometers of Jianghai district has been completed, with an investment of 2.15 billion yuan.

Today, the appearance of rivers and lakes in our city has been improved, and the citizens' sense of gain and happiness have been improved day by day. The picture of "the beautiful water hometown of overseas Chinese" has become clearer and clearer, and the overall characteristic structure of "two corridors connecting the overseas Chinese capital of Wuyi and two bays gathering and spreading the picture scroll of mountains and seas" has initially formed. Behind the honors won by the construction of Wanlibidao in Pengjiang district and Jianghai district is the vivid practice of the "Jiangmen experience" of the river lake chief system.

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