Premiere in Beijing

On the evening of April 8, the large-scale musical "Bird Paradise", jointly produced by the Publicity Department of Jiangmen municipal Party committee of the Communist Party of China and produced by the national music and musical research center of Peking University, a domestic first-class musical creation team, will premiere at Beijing overpass Art Center, with five performances in the next three days. The play presents the vivid practice of ecological civilization construction of bird paradise in the form of music and drama, conveys the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and expresses people's beautiful vision of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

In recent years, the Publicity Department of Jiangmen municipal Party committee has made great efforts to take on the mission of "raising the flag, gathering the hearts of the people, educating new people, promoting culture and displaying the image" in the publicity and ideological work in the new era. Based on the advantages of overseas Chinese hometown, it has made good use of cultural and tourism business cards and city business cards such as bird paradise, innovated publicity methods and forms, and told Jiangmen stories and Chinese stories with heart, emotion and strength, so as to continuously improve the popularity and reputation of Jiangmen City.

The musical "Bird Paradise" was created and premiered at Beijing overpass Art Center. It is Jiangmen's specific action to make full use of cultural and tourism business cards to carry out all-round publicity, improve the city's image and tell Chinese stories to the outside world. After creating the fairy tale drama "Bird Paradise" last year, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee once again publicized bird paradise in the form of musical and told the story of Jiangmen ecological civilization.

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