Signing a memorandum of friendship city

Although separated by 12 time zones, Enping City and the Dominican city of San Francis codmacolis (hereinafter referred to as "Saint city") have successfully "held hands". On the morning of March 24, the online signing ceremony of the memorandum of friendship between Enping and Shengshi was successfully held, opening the road of friendship between the two places. This is another initiative of Enping City to implement the "overseas Chinese capital empowerment" project. After completing the relevant processes, Shengshi will become the first sister city of Enping City.

At 8 a.m., personnel from both sides sat in front of the screen to participate in the online signing ceremony. The two sides introduced the economic and social development of the two places, and then signed a memorandum of friendship city. The two sides will deepen people to people and cultural mutual learning, economic and trade exchanges and development interaction, strive to form a development trend of interaction, complementarity and mutual benefit, and help the two sides further exchanges and cooperation.

It is reported that Saint city is the capital of Dominica Duarte Province, with an area of about 700 square kilometers and a population of about 150000. There are about 30000 overseas Chinese living in Dominica, mostly from Enping. They have made important contributions to the development of Dominica for a long time, have been well integrated into the local society and become an important link of Sino Dominican friendship.

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