Mobile vaccination points enter the village

In order to fully promote the vaccination of Xinguan vaccine for people over 60 years old and improve the vaccination rate of the whole population, our city recently launched mobile vaccination points, walked into different villages (communities) every day and delivered vaccination services to meet the vaccination needs of the elderly.

On March 28, it was drizzling, but the mobile vaccination team of Jianghai branch of Wuyi Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in Jiangmen City still entered the Weidong party masses Service Center in lile Street on time, set up tents and set up areas for consultation, registration and vaccination. Gan Chunying, member of Weidong village committee and director of women's affairs, said: "when we learned that the vaccination team was coming to the village, we informed the masses one day in advance by means of loud speaker broadcasting and door-to-door visits, and advocated that we should receive all of them and build a solid immune barrier."

At 8 a.m., the villagers came to Weidong party masses Service Center one after another. The on-site volunteers were very enthusiastic and took the initiative to meet them. When encountering old people who cannot read or hear well, volunteers communicate with them patiently. When encountering the elderly with difficulty in moving, volunteers helped them warmly, and the medical staff took the initiative to help them check their bodies.

He Bo is 79 years old and lives near Weidong party masses Service Center. Previously, he had always wanted to be vaccinated with the new crown vaccine. However, he was inconvenient to move and had not been able to arrange it. After knowing that the mobile vaccination site entered Weidong village, he Bo came over with a crutch early in the morning. After vaccination, he Bo said with a smile: "it's at least 800 meters to go to the hospital for vaccination, and it's dozens of meters here."

Tang Xiuxia, deputy director of the community health service center of lile street, said: "in this way, the vaccination rate of the elderly has increased significantly, and many village committees have taken the initiative to invite us to 'come to the door'. At present, we have gone to Wenyuan community, Zhongfu community, Wudong village and other places, and we will continue to go to the village (community) to vaccinate the elderly according to the needs."

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