Co-planting "doctoral forest"

On March 12, it was arbor day. Under the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee and the Municipal Bureau of talent work, nearly 20 doctoral talents working in Jiangmen planted a "doctoral forest" in Chaotou Park of Jiangmen talent island to express their deep feelings of taking root in Jiangmen .Lin Chuanmao,the Secretary of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and the Minister of the communication department participated in the activities.

About 50 people participated in this voluntary tree planting activity, including the first batch of doctors introduced in Jiangmen a few years ago and the representatives of doctors who have just come to Jiangmen.We wear gloves, pick up spades and hoes, and work together to shovel up the seedlings, build up the soil and water them.After a while, a new green was added to the beach, planting more than 60 yellow flower trees for Jiangmen talent island.

In recent years, the city has continuously improved the talent "introduction, education, employment and retention" mechanism, deeply promoted the "talent multiplication" project, implemented the "100 doctoral students introduction and education project" and the "100 doctoral students introduction project", and introduced 85 on-the-job doctoral (Master) students, including 46 doctors and 39 masters. 50 people have been employed as section level cadres or senior titles in public institutions and state-owned enterprises.After training, these talents have gradually grown into experts in their units. They have achieved a number of work achievements in promoting industrial development and upgrading, boosting financial research and innovation, improving the management level of network public opinion, and implementing the key tasks of environmental protection and pollution control, so as to effectively solve the work problems.Talent Gathering presents a new trend of being more active, open and effective.

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