Overseas Chinese Journal Township news

"For more than a hundred years, overseas Chinese Journal Township news has publicized Jiangmen, warmed the hearts of overseas children and made great contributions to the development of Jiangmen."At the two sessions in Jiangmen at the beginning of the year, Li Deyuan, President of the founding Association of Taishan fellow villagers Association in Christchurch, New Zealand and chairman of Taishan Dehua AoXin kitchen and bathroom Co., Ltd., said with emotion that  overseas Chinese like the magazine Township news very much and call it "collective family letter".

Overseas Chinese newspapers and rural news can always affect the mood of overseas Chinese.Since the founding of Xinning magazine in 1909, the overseas Chinese magazine Township news in Jiangmen has gone through 113 years.These overseas Chinese newspapers and rural news are not only the "living fossil" of recording the cultural history of overseas Chinese, but also the "collective family letter" of overseas Chinese, but also one of the starting points of Jiangmen's construction of an important platform for overseas Chinese cultural exchange and cooperation.

The report of the second plenary session of the 14th CPC Municipal Committee proposed to take "overseas Chinese capital" magazine as the leader to create a matrix of overseas Chinese journals and local news, and establish an overseas Chinese media alliance to enhance the popularity of overseas Chinese capital.

Although the overseas Chinese Journal Township news at each stage shoulders different missions, the background of "family letter" has never changed. It is a bridge connecting hometown and wanderers.At present, Jiangmen is actively giving full play to the role of overseas Chinese magazine and township news, building momentum for the publicity of the "Empowering overseas Chinese" project, telling the story of Jiangmen overseas Chinese patriotism and love for their hometown, the investment environment of Jiangmen Dawan District, the story of Jiangmen serving overseas Chinese, and the preferential policies for Jiangmen investment.

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