Add two 3A scenic spots

Recently, according to the comprehensive evaluation of Jiangmen City Landscape judges, Taishan ludema aloe manor scenic spot and Haikou Port scenic spot have become national 3A scenic spots.So far, there are 11 A-level scenic spots in Taishan, including 3 4A and 8 3a. The number of A-level scenic spots ranks first in Jiangmen.

The aloe manor is located in Sijiu town and won the title of demonstration site of provincial leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration town in 2019.Designed according to the idea of "natural scenery + exotic customs + leisure vacation", the manor focuses on the original ecological aloe cultural tourism, integrates the concept of pastoral life, integrates the functions of organic aloe planting, ecological landscape viewing, leisure vacation and popular science education, and creates China's Aloe "Provence", which has obtained three certifications of EU EC, American NOP and China organic, as well as the ecological protection of China original factory.

Haikou Port is located at the confluence of Datong River and Duanfen River in Duanfen town. It is a fair city jointly built by 10 families with surnames of Mei, Li, Wu, Li, Guan, Ruan, Huang, Jiang, Chen and He near Duanfen in the third year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty. Its initial name is "shihuwei".Duanfen people who were the first to cross the sea to make a living all over the world took barges from Haikou Port Wharf to Guanghai Bay and changed to large ships to go abroad. Duanfen people used to call the river the sea, so they called it "Haikou Port". It is a memorial to the world memory list (Yinxin) and a demonstration section of ancient post road in southern Guangdong. It is called "Guangfu people overseas Memorial".

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