Over 80000 participants

Since the launch of the activity of "learning history - Taking the lead · looking for “code” to learn party history" sponsored by the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee and the municipal civilization office, more than 80000 people have participated in the question answering activity of party history, and some citizens have also won the reward of red trip.Recently, the municipal Civilization Office organized the winners of the city "code" learning party history activity to walk into Gulao water town and start a red journey.

This activity visited the former sites of the guerrilla headquarters in gulao Township and Chashan Hongxing Village to understand the history of the strategic deployment of the sixth detachment of the people Liberation Army.Citizen Ms. Chen said: "I really thank the party and the government for holding such meaningful activities. From answering questions to personal experience, these can not be learned in textbooks. Listening to the introduction of the guide and immersing myself, I feel the hardships of the martyrs in those years and the hard won happy life now. I really want to cherish this peaceful era."The people participating in the activity have expressed that they should remember the history, cherish the present and pass on the red spirit experienced and realized in this activity from generation to generation.

Jiangmen express brother competes to be the "city tour horse" in the new era. The activity was launched in August this year. It is another groundbreaking activity held by our city in order to consolidate and expand the achievements of the activity, build the civilization of Jiangmen express industry and create a brand after the successful "civilized transmission action of express brother" last year.The activity took the express brother as the carrier and carried out a series of activities in combination with many elements such as party history learning and education, Wuyi overseas Chinese batch, express package, civilized behavior supervision and so on.One of the sub activities is the activity of "learning history and doing it -- Taking the lead · looking for “code” to learn party history in the whole city".

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