Launch of Fire Protection Publicity Month

On November 9, the launching ceremony of Jiangmen "119" fire Publicity Month in 2021 was held in Jianghai Wanda Plaza, which also marked the official launch of a series of activities of "implementing fire responsibility and preventing safety risks".Liu Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, vice mayor and Secretary General of the municipal Party committee, attended the event.

Liu Jie expressed the hope that through the activities, we will further enhance the fire safety awareness of various industries, departments and the general public, improve the social fire prevention and control ability and self prevention and self rescue ability, and reduce fire hazards.

Liu Jie pointed out that it is winter now. Industry departments at all levels should implement fire safety responsibilities, strengthen fire publicity, pay close attention to fire safety management and hold the bottom line of fire safety.Fire rescue teams at all levels should strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, strengthen joint practical drills, enhance their excellent skills of scientific, efficient, professional and accurate, and improve their ability to deal with all kinds of disasters and accidents.The general public and friends should actively participate in the fire control work and further condense the powerful force of building fire safety together.

On the same day, the organizers also organized a series of rich activities such as fire safety experience activities and interesting fire science games, which attracted a large number of citizens to participate.It is understood that Jiangmen will launch a number of fire publicity activities in November to improve the fire safety quality of the whole people and the social ability to resist disasters.

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