An affectionate confession to the motherland

Jiangmen, the "capital of overseas Chinese in China", is about to usher in the second overseas Chinese Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan district conference, which is a grand event in Dawan district and the whole province.In order to create a strong atmosphere of "welcoming overseas Chinese and creating a national civilized city", the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee and the municipal Civilization Office recently jointly organized the action of "singing the song of civilization" with the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese, the Foreign Affairs Office of the municipal Party committee and all cities (districts), and mobilized overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese at home and abroad to sing the theme song of "my Chinese heart" to welcome the grand meeting of the bay area with the heart of a child.

The Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese gave full play to the resource advantages of "overseas Chinese" in our city, and actively launched more than 10 associations such as Jiangmen overseas Chinese Youth Federation, Wuyi Federation of Hong Kong, Jiangmen fellow townsmen Association in Macao and the founding Association of Xinhui fellow townsmen Association in Chicago to record and sing patriotic songs MV, unify the shooting scheme, select locations with overseas Chinese elements as the background, and strive for seamless connection between each lens, scene and lyrics.

"Overseas Chinese" is the most important urban gene in Jiangmen. There are more than 4 million overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots whose ancestral home is Jiangmen, covering 107 countries and regions around the world.Overseas Chinese love their country and their hometown, and have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of social civilization, economic construction and scientific and technological development of our city through donation to public welfare and investment.

In the video, representatives of overseas Chinese from home and abroad and representatives of Hong Kong and Macao compatriots face the camera and tell the motherland affectionately with loud songs and good wishes.

Huang Mengzhi, vice president of Pengjiang Overseas Youth Federation, said: "I am very proud to participate in the action of singing the song of civilization. I love my motherland. No matter where I am, I will never forget my identity, because I am a Chinese with a Chinese heart. I hope to contribute my strength and give back to my hometown in the future."

"My Chinese heart" represents the voice of tens of thousands of overseas Chinese. "Zhong Jianguang, Permanent Honorary President of the new Chicago Association, said that as an overseas Chinese, I hope to contribute to the construction of my hometown and the prosperity and strength of my motherland.

Ye Yunni, vice president of the Wuyi Federation of Hong Kong and director of the women affairs committee, said: "as a Chinese, I am very proud and proud. I am very happy to participate in this event on behalf of our compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao. China is becoming stronger and stronger, and the development of my hometown is very good. I hope more overseas Chinese can come back to see the development of my hometown and the strength of China."

The relevant person in charge of the municipal Civilization Office said that the action of "singing the song of civilization" is one of the ten actions of the city civilized Jiangmen welcomes you". It is hoped that overseas Chinese can sing patriotic songs, help build an important platform for overseas Chinese cultural exchange and cooperation, and set off an upsurge of "welcoming overseas Chinese and Chinese people Congress to create a national civilized city".Next, the singing activities will continue to show the new style of the hometown of overseas Chinese.

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