More than 30000 visitors attended the exhibition

The exhibition of calligraphy, painting and photography works of the municipal CPPCC system "one hundred years of charm · building a dream with one heart" ended successfully in the municipal workers' Cultural Palace recently. During the 17 day exhibition period, the number of on-site visitors and online visitors of the "cloud exhibition hall" exceeded 30000.

It is reported that the municipal CPPCC regards the exchange of calligraphy, painting and photography as an important carrier to carry forward traditional culture and carry out unity and friendship. It adheres to holding an exhibition of calligraphy, painting and photography every year for more than 10 consecutive years, condensing people hearts with culture and gathering consensus with art.With the theme of "Centennial elegance · building dreams with one heart", the exhibition first exhibited the long scroll of traditional Chinese painting "Celebrating the Centennial birthday of 100 people and 100 meters" and 125 excellent calligraphy, painting and photography works, which not only provided a "cultural feast" for the masses and art lovers, but also created a platform for Party members and cadres to cultivate their feelings of loving the party, patriotism and socialism.

During the exhibition, many visitors lamented that the long scroll of traditional Chinese painting carefully planned by retired cadres and Party members was exquisite and rich in content, and showed a touching affection for the party and party spirit cultivation. Through visiting the exhibition, they looked back on the arduous course of the Communist Party of China and felt the struggle history of the party fulfillment of its original mission.

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