Determine the champion of team group and enterprise group

On October 12, 24 outstanding cultural tourism projects competed fiercely in the overseas Chinese cultural tourism entrepreneurship competition of the third Jiangmen "Leye Wuyi" entrepreneurship and innovation competition. Passionate speeches, wonderful roadshows, professional analysis and evaluation... The intense competition set off a new climax of Jiangmen cultural tourism entrepreneurship and stimulated the new vitality of Jiangmen cultural tourism industry.Finally, the project "a good time for light carving " of Yijiang Jinling team and the project "upgrading and transformation of culture, tourism and Commerce in overseas Chinese hometown" of Kaiping jiufangjiangzuo Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. won the champions of team group and enterprise group respectively.

"This is my first time to participate in this competition. I have gained a lot and made a lot of friends. This competition is very good. There are preliminary competitions, semi-finals and finals. The competition system is complete. It has attracted many excellent teams and enterprises from all walks of life. They have shown a lot of good ideas. I have learned a lot and there is a lot of room for cooperation in the future. I hope the government will hold more such competitions and support more people young innovators and entrepreneurs should be exposed to more excellent innovation and entrepreneurship resources to learn from each other and achieve common development, "said Zhuo Shaobing, the champion of the enterprise group and the project leader of the" upgrading and reconstruction of cultural, tourism and commercial buildings in the hometown of overseas Chinese ".

"I'm impressed to participate in this competition as a judge," said Zuo Bing, a professor at the school of tourism management of Sun Yat sen University,"I feel the love of enterprises and teams for the land of overseas Chinese. They are willing to go down-to-earth and go deep into the people to explore traditional culture, bring vitality to these historical sites and cultures, and activate history one by one with their own creativity. Even if there is no income in the short term, they are still working hard to adhere to and constantly explore. Such teams and companies, I believe, will go further in the future."

Since the competition was launched in June, 217 entries have been collected, and two groups, team group and enterprise group, are cultural tourism entrepreneurship and innovation projects formed by combining overseas Chinese culture (Kaiping blockhouse, overseas Chinese batch culture, etc.), cultural heritage, cultural inheritance, ecological culture of overseas Chinese hometown, local characteristic tourism resources, natural landscape and other relevant cultural and tourism elements in Wuyi area of Jiangmen.

The competition finally determines the gold, silver and bronze awards of the team group and the enterprise group. The winning team of the team group will receive 100000 yuan, 50000 yuan and 30000 yuan respectively; the winning enterprise of the enterprise group will receive 200000 yuan, 100000 yuan and 50000 yuan respectively.

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