Successful Premiere

Jiangmen has made new achievements in promoting the protection and activation of overseas Chinese.On October 10, the first overseas Chinese dance drama "overseas Chinese approval · home country", sponsored by the party history learning and education leading group of the municipal Party committee and the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee and undertaken by the Municipal Federation of literary and art circles, successfully premiered in Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center.

Qiaopi is a postal delivery carrier integrating letters and money orders. It is known as "Lingnan Dunhuang document" and "World Memory Heritage"."Overseas Chinese batch · home country" takes overseas Chinese batch as the series carrier, takes the real story of overseas Chinese in Wuyi as the prototype, uses dance language for artistic re creation, tells a story and history intertwined with the fate of overseas Chinese groups and home country, and reproduces the spirit and strength of overseas Chinese in Wuyi who worked hard, loved their country and served their country.

In the dance drama, Huang Qijia, Yu Zhenguo and Liang Ying from Jiangmen buried the seeds of saving the country with blood in a patriotic parade.Under the circumstances of the times, some of them crossed the sea and eventually became well-known overseas Chinese leaders, some joined the Anti Japanese war and died for their country, and some constantly became educators. They interpreted the joys and sorrows of an overseas Chinese family for half a century, reflected the magnificent journey of Chinese revolution, construction and reform, and reproduced the strong feelings of family and country behind the overseas Chinese.

When the familiar melody sounded, Huang Qijia's family in a foreign country sent his wife Liang Ying an overseas Chinese approval, telling them that he had signed up to join the army locally in the hope of saving the country and serving the country, and sent 60 yuan, of which 40 yuan was reserved for his family and 20 yuan was donated to save the hometown... The scenes of overseas Chinese in Wuyi loving their country, hometown and home were moving, shocked the hearts of the audience and deeply touched everyone.

Wu Chunyan, head of Guangming Daily Guangdong reporter station, said that the overseas Chinese approval paper is short and the family and country situation is long.Jiangmen original overseas Chinese dance drama "overseas Chinese batch · home country" tells the difficult entrepreneurial history and strong family and country feelings of the older generation of overseas Chinese, reflects the innovative integration of "overseas Chinese batch", the "World Memory Heritage" and dance, and expresses the lofty tribute of Jiangmen overseas Chinese to the overseas Chinese spirit. It is a rare good drama moving tears.The dance drama adds multimedia technology, enriches "silent dance" into "sound art", and polishes the brand of Jiangmen overseas Chinese culture.

It is understood that in order to create high-quality products, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee has coordinated and cooperated with the elites in the industry to form a strong creative and performance lineup.

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