Attract tourists to "punch in" Taishan

The museum is an important hall for protecting and inheriting human civilization and a bridge connecting the past, present and future. During the National Day holiday, many parents specially took their children to Taishan overseas Chinese culture museum to "punch in".

Taishan overseas Chinese culture museum takes overseas Chinese culture, overseas Chinese celebrities, urban planning exhibition and overseas Chinese cultural relics as the main content, and displays overseas Chinese culture and historical stories by means of physical objects, pictures, films and television, so that the audience can intuitively understand the social and economic construction of Taishan and the historical and cultural development of overseas Chinese township.It is understood that on the first day of the national day, the museum received nearly 1000 citizens and tourists."Here I feel that Taishan is a city with cultural heritage. Many folk customs and cultural relics are integrated here, which can let us know more about the history of the city." during the National Day holiday, Miss Wu specially took her children to visit and understand the local overseas Chinese culture.

Caoping village, Shuibu Town, as one of the "key villages of national rural tourism", must be a net red punch in place during holidays.This year, Caoping village will continue to hold some activities, allowing tourists to enjoy Taishan folk art, taste authentic food, experience the traditional market of ancient villages, and open villagers' houses to the outside world."It is right choice to go here to have something to see and eat " said Mr. Bi from Zhuhai. He came to Caoping village this time and gained a lot.

Like Caoping village in Shuibu Town, Haikou Port and Meijia courtyard in Duanfen Town, Doushan Town, Fuyue village, Fushi village and Hengjiang village, which have a strong flavor of hometown of overseas Chinese, are also full of tourists during holidays, with an endless stream of self driving and group tourists.

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