First exhibition

Red elements such as Jiaxing Nanhu red boat, Jinggangshan mountain and the Red Army's Long March were interspersed in the ink landscape... At the opening ceremony of the "Centennial charm · concentric dream building" calligraphy, painting and photography exhibition of the municipal CPPCC system held on September 26, the long scroll of traditional Chinese painting "celebrating the Centennial birthday with hundreds of people and meters" deeply concerned by all sectors of society was exhibited for the first time, which attracted the attention of many people.

The long scroll of traditional Chinese painting "100 people, 100 meters to celebrate the Centennial birthday" was led by Jiangmen calligraphers and Painters Association, Jiangmen CPPCC calligraphy and painting academy and other units. It has been planned and organized since July last year. In July this year, all the creation of the main painting was completed, with a total length of 123 meters and a total of 133 people participated in the creation.Taking the Centennial party history as the main line, the long volume of traditional Chinese painting fully integrates the history of Party building, landscape features and modern scientific and technological elements to show the key historical nodes since the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.In addition, the long volume of traditional Chinese painting is also equipped with 19 poems as a supplementary explanation to the picture.

"The scroll has three highlights: first, it is innovative, showing the party's hundred years of hard struggle in the form of landscape painting, so that the scroll is both artistic and impressive; second, it is characteristic. In addition to the participation of local famous calligraphers and painters in Jiangmen, it also gives full play to the advantages of hometown of overseas Chinese, and mobilized more than 30 overseas Chinese of Wuyi, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots to jointly participate in praising the party brilliant achievements; third, it is Guangzhou.The participants include representatives of the old, middle-aged, young and young, of which the oldest is 98 years old and the youngest is only 6 years old, "Liang Qingzhao, one of the planners and creators of the long volume of traditional Chinese painting, told reporters.

Yang Min, a citizen, stopped for a long time in front of the long scroll of traditional Chinese painting at the scene of Lin Qiangyun Art Museum of the municipal workers culture palace."I never thought I could show the party hundred year history in the form of landscape painting. This form is very novel and is also a way for the public to learn party history vividly. It has both artistic value and educational significance," Yang Min said.

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