Chen Jianxin from Jiangmen won the gold medal

On August 31, in the road cycling competition of the Tokyo Paralympic Games,  Chen Jianxin from Jiangmen bravely competed for the first. After a fierce competition of 16 kilometers, he finally won the T1-2 championship of the road cycling men's individual time trial in 25 minutes, 00 seconds and 32 . He won his first Paralympic gold medal and helped the Chinese delegation win the 59th gold medal.This is also the first gold medal won by Jiangmen athletes in this Paralympic Games.

A total of 9 players participated in the finals of men T1-2 time trial.Although Chen Jianxin set foot on the Olympic schedule for the first time, he is already a veteran who has been on the battlefield for a long time. In the whole process, his rhythm is quite excellent and his speed is properly controlled.Finally, the competition was completed in 25 minutes, 00 seconds and 32, nearly 2 minutes and 49 seconds ahead of the second player, and there was no suspense to win the championship.

This is Chen Jianxin first battle for the Paralympic Games. It has always been his goal to participate in the Paralympic Games.Before the final, Chen Jianxin sent a circle of friends with the following text: "after years of efforts, I will win this competition. I will not leave any regrets and fight!"Chen Jianxin has been preparing for this moment for 17 years.

Chen Jianxin is a native of muzhou Town, Xinhui. He has suffered from cerebral palsy since childhood. His motor disability is T1, which is a serious level of disability.In 2004, Chen Jianxin was selected by the municipal disabled persons Federation to the disabled cycling team in Guangdong Province and became a "Wind Rider".In Meizhou training base, Chen Jianxin had to accept the high-intensity training starting from 120 kilometers every day, but with his tenacious willpower, he overcame all kinds of difficulties and persevered.This persistence is 17 years.Over the past 17 years, Chen Jianxin has won many awards in Guangdong, national and even world-class competitions.

After the game, Chen Jianxin said that he was very happy to get the gold medal“I have prepared for this moment for 17 years. My efforts over the years have finally paid off and realized my dream in the Olympic Games! "Chen Jianxin said.

Tomorrow, Chen Jianxin will participate in the men Mixed Highway group competition.

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