The adult and children are moved

People come and go at the scene of the book festival, and citizens who are reading can be seen everywhere.At the party history and overseas Chinese history story meeting held on the same day, Liang Guifang, interpreter of Xie Chuang's former residence, was invited to Jiangmen book purchase center to lead you to understand Comrade Xie Chuang important contributions to the cause of Chinese revolution and construction, and deeply understand Comrade Xie Chuang revolutionary spirit and revolutionary fighting spirit of never forgetting his original heart, keeping his mission in mind and fighting forever.

It is understood that Xie Chuang went to the United States to study at the age of 18, joined the Communist Party of America at the age of 23, and became a member of the Communist Party of China at the age of 27.After returning to China in 1935, Xie Chuang actively carried out the Anti Japanese and national salvation movement.Xie Chuang started with education and built Yijing village into a revolutionary stronghold.Yijing primary school, built in the spring of 1937, became the Anti Japanese and National Salvation Front at that time.Xie Chuang also often organized troupes to perform, expanded publicity and mobilized the masses to carry out the Anti Japanese struggle.He also trained advanced ideological instructors as the object of Party member development and contacted party members who lost organizational contact in Kaiping area.In 1937, the special branch of Kaiping County of the Communist Party of China was established, and Xie Chuang was elected secretary.

"He was brave" and "I was moved by the story"... In the interactive session of the activity, the children raised their hands to express their harvest and feelings.At the event site, friends, big and small, also had a deeper understanding of Comrade Xie Chuang life and felt the responsibility and responsibility of a Communist Party member by watching the feature film.

"Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xie Chuang adheres to the original intention and mission of seeking rejuvenation for the nation and happiness for the people.After knowing his life story, I was deeply moved by his beautiful characteristics such as tenacity, perseverance, determination and broad-minded in the face of difficulties.I hope that through the book festival and other platforms, we can better publicize these beautiful characteristics of Comrade Xie Chuang and have a far-reaching impact on the middle-aged and young people in our city. "Liang Guifang said.

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