The story of Situ Meitang infects overseas Chinese

"You should know the tradition of Wuyi overseas Chinese loving their country, learn history, inherit the spirit, build a new China, and continue to strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!"Yesterday afternoon, the second activity of the party history and overseas Chinese history story meeting of the book festival was held in Jiangmen book purchase center. Ma Bingliang, an 82 year old overseas Chinese, told the story of Mr. Situ Meitang's patriotism, love for his hometown, support for the revolution and support for the Communist Party of China to the on-site citizens, which attracted many viewers to take out notebooks from time to time.

Ma Bingliang, a consultant of San Francisco Guangfu Friendship Association, is from Taishan. He has worked in Taishan cement plant, Taishan county government and overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial People government.Telling historical stories about overseas Chinese has been his hobby in overseas Chinese Affairs for nearly 40 years.In the past two years, Ma Bingliang has often been invited by some overseas Chinese affairs departments to give lectures and exchanges in China.In his mind, Situ Meitang is a famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader and "a glorious example of patriotic overseas Chinese. He hopes to publicize and cherish the great and glorious life of Mr. Situ Meitang".

During the activity, Ma Bingliang took out a thick stack of printed notes to tell you the story of Mr. situ Meitang in various historical stages.He prepared for this activity for a long time“I love new China and my hometown. I hope to tell the story of my hometown and spread the good voice of my hometown.There are many young friends on the scene. I hope to let you know that today good life is hard won. "He said.

"I am from Kaiping. I am very happy to listen to the story at the book festival and deeply understand the life and deeds of our Kaiping overseas Chinese leader Situ Meitang."Mr. Chen, a citizen, came to listen with his fifth grade son. He said, "the story is very wonderful. My children and I listened very carefully, from which we learned the strength of learning and work."

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