Condolences to front-line medical workers

On August 19 is the fourth Chinese doctor's day. Vice mayor Lai Yanfen led a team to Jiangmen Central Hospital and the vaccination point of Jiangmen sports center to visit the front-line medical workers, and extended holiday greetings and heartfelt thanks to the medical workers of the whole city on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.

At Jiangmen Central Hospital, Lai Yanfen and his party expressed deep condolences to the medical workers in the infection department and emergency department on the front line of anti epidemic, sent Festival blessings and heartfelt thanks, and sent flowers.Subsequently, the delegation came to the vaccination point of Jiangmen sports center and praised the medical workers for their commitment and dedication to the vaccination post“Protect your life, thank you and pay tribute to you! "Lai Yanfen said.

Lai Yanfen said that the city medical workers vigorously carry forward the spirit of "respecting life, saving the dead and healing the wounded, willing to contribute and boundless love", and wholeheartedly protect the life safety and health of the people in the hometown of overseas Chinese.We stuck to our posts, rushed ahead, worked hard at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, such as medical treatment, flow regulation and tractability, nucleic acid detection, medical observation in centralized isolation places and vaccination, competed with the virus, ran against time, explained the mission and responsibilities of doctors with practical actions, gathered the trickle force into a majestic force, and built an iron wall for epidemic prevention and control in Jiangmen.

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