Marriage registration for 130 couples

"From now on, you two are officially married. Congratulations!"In the sound of joy, the staff of Pengjiang district marriage registry smiled and handed over the marriage certificate to the couple.August 14 is the seventh day of July in the lunar calendar. It is a traditional Chinese Tanabata Festival. Many couples choose to register for marriage on this day.The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau "worked overtime for love", provided high-quality services, and built a "Tanabata magpie bridge" for newlyweds. A total of 130 newlyweds were registered on the same day.

"This year's Tanabata is Saturday. In order to meet the good wishes of citizens and friends to register their marriage on traditional festivals, we opened the online reservation function 15 days in advance to facilitate citizens and friends to make an appointment.At present, according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in our city, the two on-site services of certification ceremony and marriage and family counseling have been temporarily canceled. At the same time, relatives and friends are not allowed to enter the certification processing site. Please understand. "The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau said that the Tanabata Festival ushered in a small peak of marriage registration. The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau notified in advance, reasonably shunted according to the appointment period, reduced the waiting time, optimized the registration service process, and sent additional auxiliary personnel to improve the registration efficiency.

Code scanning, registration and temperature measurement... Under the guidance of the staff of the marriage registration office, prospective newlyweds consciously wear masks throughout the process. After completing the epidemic prevention related processes, they go through the registration in an orderly manner to ensure that there is no mistake in epidemic prevention and certificate issuance.

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