Start accepting identity confirmation

This year, the acceptance time for the identity confirmation of the "three overseas Chinese students" in our city began on August 15. Candidates participating in the 2022 college entrance examination in our province need to apply for the identity confirmation of the "three overseas Chinese students" to the Municipal Overseas Chinese Affairs Department at or above the prefecture level where the college entrance examination is registered or its designated overseas Chinese Affairs Department from August 15 to November 10. It will not be accepted after the expiration of the time limit.

It is reported that the "three overseas Chinese students" refer to the candidates who apply for the entrance examination of ordinary colleges and universities. They are returned overseas Chinese students, children of Returned Overseas Chinese, or children of overseas Chinese in China.

Overseas Chinese are Chinese citizens designated to reside abroad.Settlement means that Chinese citizens have obtained the right of long-term or permanent residence in the country of residence and have resided in the country of residence for 2 consecutive years, with a cumulative residence of no less than 18 months within 2 years.Chinese citizens who have not obtained the right of long-term or permanent residence in the country, but have obtained the qualification of legal residence in the country for more than 5 consecutive years (including 5 years) and have resided in the country for not less than 30 months within 5 years are regarded as overseas Chinese.

Returned overseas Chinese refer to overseas Chinese who have returned home and settled down.Returning home for settlement means that overseas Chinese give up their right of long-term, permanent or legal residence in their original country and go through the formalities of returning home and settling down according to law.Overseas Chinese who have been approved to restore or acquire Chinese nationality and go through the formalities for settling in China according to law shall be regarded as returned overseas Chinese.

For the candidates confirmed as "three overseas Chinese students", after being publicized by the office of Guangdong Provincial enrollment Committee, the candidates who meet the "three overseas Chinese students" plus score qualification of the ordinary college entrance examination shall be added to the file on the basis of the total score of the culture course of the College entrance examination according to relevant policies and regulations, and the colleges and universities shall select the best candidates for admission.

It is worth noting that in the province where the registered residence examinees in the province need to confirm their identity as "three overseas Chinese students", they should submit their applications to the competent overseas Chinese affairs departments of the registered residence at the prefecture level or above according to the time limit for the applicants to apply for the identification of three overseas Chinese students.

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