Five party history and overseas Chinese history story sharing meetings were held

August 20 to 30, Jiangmen branch of 2021  Book Festival and the second renrongrong children's book Carnival in Jiangmen (hereinafter referred to as "Book Festival") will "meet" with the general public.The reporter learned that there are many highlights of this book festival. Various theme reading activities have been set up. As one of the important activities, what are the highlights of the party history and overseas Chinese history story sharing meeting?What stories will you tell?

According to the organizing committee, during the book festival, our city will hold five party history and overseas Chinese history story sharing meetings, and invite veteran party members, old overseas Chinese and commentators of the red education base (or revolutionary ancestors and descendants) to the scene to tell party history stories and overseas Chinese fighting stories with the help of old objects, short videos and other materials. Readers participating in the interaction can receive a book and a mysterious gift.Among them, the old party members told one story about party history, the old overseas Chinese told one story about struggle, and the commentators of the red education base told three stories.

Ma Bingliang, a consultant of San Francisco Friendship Association, is from Taishan. He has worked in Taishan cement plant, Taishan county government and overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial People government.Telling historical stories about overseas Chinese has been his hobby in overseas Chinese Affairs for nearly 40 years.In the past two years, Ma Bingliang has often been invited by some overseas Chinese affairs departments to give lectures and exchanges in China.

"I love my motherland and hometown. I hope to tell the story of my hometown, spread the good voice of my hometown, and do what I can for the development of my hometown."Ma Bingliang told reporters that he planned to tell the story of Mr. Situ Meitang at the Book Festival: "I want to use the information provided by Mr. situ Meitang nephew to give an oral lecture, so that the listener can accurately understand Mr. Situ Meitang life and deeds."

In addition, at the scene of the book festival, the commentators of Zhou Wenyong, Chen Tiejun martyr cemetery, Lin Jilu former residence and Xie Chuang former residence will tell you the red story in detail.This year, Huang Yujin began to serve as an interpreter in the cemetery of martyrs Zhou Wenyong and Chen Tiejun“I feel very excited to be invited to attend the Book Festival! "She told reporters, "personally, I am deeply moved by the deeds of the two martyrs. I hope more people will know their stories.At that time, I will tell you patiently and try my best to add some interactive links. "

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