Ranking first in total score

For Guangdong, which has the largest permanent population in China, the "vegetable basket" project is particularly important.Jiangmen municipal Party committee and Jiangmen municipal government also attach great importance to the "vegetable basket" work. The main leaders have conducted many field investigations and supervised the key links such as the production, circulation and sales of agricultural products. A leading group for the implementation of the "vegetable basket" Mayor responsibility system in Jiangmen, headed by the main leaders of the municipal government, has been established. The executive meeting of the municipal government regularly studies and deploys the construction of the "vegetable basket" project.

One solid, effective and well implemented measures and actions have promoted the stable production, sufficient supply, safe quality and effective supply of "vegetable basket" products in our city, and the "vegetable basket" project has achieved high-quality development.Jiangmen has successfully established a national agricultural product quality and safety city and a food safety demonstration city in Guangdong Province, and won the excellent grade of provincial food safety responsibility assessment for two consecutive years;For two consecutive years, it has won the excellent grade of Provincial Rural Revitalization performance assessment, and won the first place in western Guangdong;The Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural areas was also rated as the "national advanced collective in food safety".

Recently, the Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas announced a circular on praising the prefecture level Municipal People's governments that have continuously obtained excellent grades in the mayor responsibility system of "vegetable basket" in Guangdong Province.The circular shows that in the assessment of the mayor responsibility system of "vegetable basket" in Guangdong Province for two consecutive times in 2017-2018 and 2019-2020, our city was rated as excellent, with the total score ranking first, contributing a solid Jiangmen force to the construction of the "vegetable basket" project in Guangdong Province.

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