The painting training course for the disabled

In order to continue to do a good job in the activity of "I do practical things for the masses", do a good job in ensuring the basic livelihood of the people, and promote the employment and Entrepreneurship of the disabled. Recently, the municipal disabled persons' Federation held a 2021 painting training course for the disabled, and 10 disabled students participated in the 10 day training.

"Through systematic training and training, let the disabled master their skills and improve their cultural skills, so as to achieve the purpose of helping the disabled and helping the disabled to achieve the cultural entrepreneurship." According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal disabled Federation, this training takes watercolor painting and oil painting as the carrier, and takes the practical achievements such as national new rural construction and epidemic prevention and control as the theme for training and creation, so that the students can express their patriotic enthusiasm through painting, and also achieve the purpose of carrying out patriotic education for the disabled groups.

The training was taught by well-known calligraphers and painters in our city. The teacher carefully explained the painting techniques so that the students can learn intuitively. At the same time, by taking the old with the new, let the old students match with the new students in pairs, and share their pen and color experience with each other. And according to the students’ different interests and hobbies, teach students according to their aptitude, and find the right style orientation through the cultivation of student interests.

During the training, the CDPF also carried out safety education on life, diet and typhoon prevention, insisted on daily check-in and temperature detection, normalized epidemic prevention and control, and ensured the learning and living environment of students.

After the training, student Xiao Chen said, "I knew nothing at first, and then I became familiar with it, which made me understand and love painting .I was moved by the teacher patient teaching and the students concern and encouragement. Although there are still many shortcomings, I will continue to work hard. "

Next, the municipal disabled Federation will actively link market resources and explore market channels for disabled paintings, hoping to promote disabled paintings to the market in the form of orders and provide conditions for employment and income generation for disabled people.

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