10 projects were rated as municipal demonstration projects

Recently, the city's 2021 volunteer service project competition, sponsored by the Municipal Youth League Committee, the municipal civilization office, the Municipal Federation of volunteers and other units, came to an end. It is understood that the competition attracted 210 volunteer projects in the city to participate in the evaluation. Finally, 10 projects such as the "spark plan" Jiangmen volunteer rescue team emergency rescue volunteer seed talent cultivation plan project were rated as municipal demonstration projects, and each project received a support fund of 20000 yuan.21 projects such as the annual education program for the growth of children of Returned Overseas Chinese families with difficulties were rated as key cultivation projects, and each project received a support fund of 10000 yuan.

It is reported that through financial support, public welfare pairing, optimization and promotion, evaluation and supervision, the competition focuses on exploring excellent volunteer service projects and organizations in 14 fields such as supporting five assistance (helping the poor, helping students, helping the disabled, helping doctors and helping employment), civilized practice in the new era and the creation of civilized cities. In the form of special training camp, experts are invited to provide special training on new media operation skills, planning, implementation and Application Improvement of volunteer service projects for the participating projects, so as to help the organization of volunteer service projects improve their work level and service efficiency.

"In addition to obtaining financial support for the 31 projects selected this time, more importantly, in the next year, the municipal volunteer Federation will cooperate with relevant units to do a good job in supervision, tracking, training and evaluation. At the same time, through public welfare pairing, further improve the social influence and popularity of the projects and ensure that these projects become the brand of Jiangmen volunteer service, So as to promote the professional and normal development of voluntary service projects in the city. “said Situ Jie, the President of the Municipal Federation of volunteer workers.

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