Disaster relief funds and materials reached 2557500 yuan

Recently, Henan province suffered extreme heavy rainfall, which seriously threatened people's lives and property. The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau actively mobilized charitable organizations and other social forces to participate in disaster relief fund-raising for the first time, strengthened prior guidance and post-supervision, and ensured that charitable forces helped flood control and disaster relief work in an orderly and efficient manner in accordance with the law.

The municipal Charity Association played a pioneering role in the city charity industry and immediately released the initiative of Jiangmen Charity Association on rushing to aid flood fighting and disaster relief in Henan Province, calling on all charitable organizations in the city to gather together to jointly help Henan flood control and disaster relief. As of 12:00 on July 26, charitable organizations at all levels in the city had received a total of 2.5575 million yuan of disaster relief funds and materials, of which loving philanthropists Guan Jiechu and Wu Qilan donated 2 million yuan to Jiangmen Charity Association to support Henan disaster relief. This amount is the largest single donation received by charitable organizations at all levels in the city.Mr. Guan Jiechu said: "I hope my modest efforts can lead more social forces to help the affected people in Henan, and pay high tribute to the front-line rescue and disaster relief personnel."

In addition, some caring enterprises and people in our city directly donated materials to the disaster areas. For example, 10 companies such as Jiangmen Zhenying Internet of things Technology Co., Ltd. directly donated disaster relief materials such as instant noodles, mineral water and pump to Zhengzhou. There are also a large number of caring people who silently contribute their strength, and their donations have become a majestic force.

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