22 Jiangmen players go to the provincial competition

Wires are interspersed, like connecting the blood of machinery; Fingers are flying, carefully carved, and magically turn into all kinds of bread and sugar shapes... In order to create an excellent Rural Revitalization talent team and improve the rural human quality and ability in Wuyi area, recently, our city held the Rural Revitalization vocational skills competition and the Jiangmen trial of Guangdong Rural Revitalization vocational skills competition. After fierce competition, 22 players such as Wang Jie and Xie zhenpei won the gold medal, and will represent Jiangmen City in the 2021 Guangdong Rural Revitalization vocational skills competition.

The competition is sponsored by the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau. There are 11 competition projects. Each project is divided into 22 groups, including electricians, automobile repairmen, hairdressers, restaurant waiters, Chinese cooks, masonry workers, e-commerce engineers, Western pastries, baby sitters; elderly care workers and agricultural machinery repairmen, many rural registered residence athletes and occupation colleges in Wuyi district have been attracted.

The purpose of this competition is to build a stage for skilled talents to learn from each other, improve the vocational skill level of rural workers, forge a competition brand with high specification, heavy weight and great influence, give full play to the leading and promoting role of skill competition, promote skilled workers from all walks of life to stand out, and drive a large number of skilled young people to study hard and grow their talents, encourage workers from all walks of life in the city to show new achievements in the main battlefield of Rural Revitalization.

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