Opening of overseas Chinese Carnival

The first Jiangmen art season and the 9th overseas Chinese capital of China (Jiangmen) overseas Chinese Carnival kicked off, and the local original red drama "loyal Gong Changrong" was premiered. This is our city's thorough implementation of the spirit of the series of important discussions of general secretary Xi Jinping on cultural and literary work, combining with the cultural characteristics of Jiangmen overseas Chinese hometown, grasping the new development opportunities, implementing the new development concept, building a new development pattern, cultivating the soul with culture, inspiring the spirit of art, and promoting the economic development. It is of great significance to polish the red cultural card of Jiangmen, jointly build the cultural Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, promote the construction of an important platform for cultural exchanges and cooperation among overseas Chinese, and show the unique humanities and urban charm of Jiangmen. Chen Hang, the leader of the third tour Guidance Group for party history learning and education of the provincial Party committee, the first-class inspector of the Provincial Department of culture and tourism, and Wu Xiaohui, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, participated in relevant activities.

In recent years, with the strong support of all sectors of society, Jiangmen City has successively held eight overseas Chinese carnivals in the capital of overseas Chinese (Jiangmen) and rich and colorful cultural, artistic and tourism festivals, which has played a positive role in meeting the people material and cultural needs, condensing the people spiritual strength, enhancing cultural soft power, and strengthening communication with overseas Chinese. In order to better meet the people yearning for a better life, enhance the attraction of Jiangmen City, expand the cultural influence of Jiangmen, carry forward the new charm of Jiangmen literature and art, and cultivate new hot spots of cultural and tourism consumption, our city has decided to hold a large-scale cultural and artistic activity of "Jiangmen art season" every year from this year.

The local original drama "loyal Gong Changrong" is the highlight of this activity. Before the opening ceremony, Wu Xiaohui came behind the stage to have a cordial conversation with the screenwriter, director and leading actor, and encouraged everyone to "polish, improve and improve continuously in the performance, so as to create a high-quality drama with Jiangmen characteristics and move towards a broader stage".

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