The covid-19 vaccination for overseas Chinese in our city

On the afternoon of May 13, nearly 50 overseas Chinese were vaccinated with the new crown vaccine in Enping branch of Wuyi Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in Jiangmen City.

Wu Caifang, 48, has been working and living in Venezuela for many years. After the outbreak of the epidemic last year, she was very anxious that she could not return to Venezuela“I opened a supermarket in Venezuela to make a living. If I don't go back one day, I have no income. I am worried for sure. "Wu Caifang said.A few days ago, after receiving the notice from the overseas Chinese delegation, Wu Caifang quickly came to the hospital with her certificate for vaccination“After the second injection, I will be able to return to the CPC Central Committee for business. Thank you very much to the government for really solving our practical difficulties. "Wu Caifang said excitedly.

According to Wu Jianhua, executive vice president of Venezuela Jiangmen Wuyi Youth Federation, the Federation has received feedback from more than 1200 overseas Chinese who intend to be vaccinated through various publicity campaigns, and will arrange vaccination in batches.The first group will be arranged from May 12 to 14, mainly for overseas Chinese who are anxious to return to Venezuela“At present, the overseas epidemic situation is far more serious than expected, especially in Venezuela, where the virus is mutating and is very dangerous, and the local vaccine is very scarce.After vaccination at home, it is the best choice to return to Venezuela. "Wu Jianhua told reporters.

The reporter saw at the scene that the hospital specially divided clear areas and pasted prompts to facilitate overseas Chinese to vaccinate according to the prompts.There are also many volunteers at the scene to guide overseas Chinese how to register and vaccinate with the new crown vaccine“Overseas Chinese who come to the hospital for vaccination only need to prepare the yuekang code and bring their own identity documents. The process is very simple.We also encourage more overseas Chinese to take the initiative to participate in vaccination to ensure their own safety. "Enping City Health Bureau public health unit deputy director Liang Wenbing introduced.

As a matter of fact, preparations for the vaccination of overseas Chinese with the new vaccine started as early as the beginning of this year.In order to timely respond to the demands of overseas Chinese and do a good job in serving overseas Chinese, the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese quickly carried out a thorough investigation on the intention of Jiangmen overseas Chinese to receive the covid-19 vaccine in China, and collected the information about the number of people intending to receive the vaccine and the basic situation of overseas Chinese.Up to now, a total of 1500 overseas residents of Jiangmen who intend to be vaccinated in China have been registered“Next, we will normalize this work, continue to step up the docking with overseas Chinese and health departments, and play a good role as a bridge to help more overseas Chinese vaccinate with the new crown vaccine, so that they can return to normal work and life as soon as possible. "The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese said.

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