Several special activities continue to stimulate consumption

In order to further stimulate the market vitality and accelerate the market recovery, recently, our province launched the "enjoy a better life in consumption" - the national consumption promotion month in 2021 and Guangdong consumption promotion (summer) "home 520" activity.The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of commerce that Zhuhai and Zhongshan will jointly hold the Guangdong (Jiangmen) "home 520" catering consumption festival to meet the catering consumption needs of different groups and occasions.

According to reports, this is the fourth "home 520" activity held in our province, focusing on the theme of "home" and "love".The activity will take the national consumption promotion month in May as the main line, with the theme of "in order to accelerate the recovery and potential release of consumption, promote the formation of a strong domestic market, and smooth the domestic and international double circulation". Around the commodity consumption under the family life scene, the activities will carry out various promotional activities, including the linkage of provinces and cities, the cross-border integration of business, culture, tourism and entertainment, and further stimulate the market vitality.

Based on six major themes and six consumption festivals, the event held Guangzhou fashion consumption Festival, Foshan automobile consumption Festival, Huizhou household consumption Festival, Jiangmen catering consumption Festival, Zhanjiang household appliances consumption Festival, Shaoguan leisure consumption Festival, and regional cooperation and linkage promotion.

According to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jiangmen, Zhuhai and Zhongshan will hold a number of special activities to stimulate consumption and form a consumption climax.Among them, Jiangmen City will hold such activities as "Tesco Jiangmen", "cars show", "hot shopping in the whole city - colorful summer", "colorful summer tourism city - special route release", "enjoy Jiangmen - the first Jiangmen Tea Festival", "home 520 - quality life home decoration exhibition", "5g new consumption - 517 Telecom day", etc;With the theme of "warm Zhuhai, 520 ", Zhuhai organized key commercial circulation enterprises to carry out consumption promotion activities, covering catering, home appliances, daily necessities and other industries;Zhongshan City will hold the activity of "food gathering in Zhongshan - people benefiting consumption and food map" to launch consumption vouchers for food, hotel and tourism industries.

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