The football match was held in Jiangmen

On May 2-3, 2021 Jiangmen City Youth Sunshine Sports Activities campus football culture month and Jiangmen City traditional sports (football) into the campus activities were held in Jiangmen Sports Center, more than 400 teenagers in the green field, enjoy the joy of sports.The activity is sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of culture, broadcasting, tourism and sports, and undertaken by the Municipal Youth Sports Federation and the municipal Football Association. It is the first project of this year's Youth Sunshine Sports offline activity.

"Goal after the powerful shot, the football came into the net, and cheers came from the sidelines, and the atmosphere was high“My child used to be introverted and didn’t like to communicate with others. Since he came into contact with football, he has changed a lot. He often takes the initiative to make an appointment with his friends to play football. When he sees them having a good time, he is also happy . Parents Mr. Li said that the City Youth Sunshine Sports Activities for sports loving teenagers to provide a platform for sports exchange, enrich the children spare time life.

This year youth sunshine sports activities take "sunshine, vitality, sports and happiness" as the concept, take campus, community, club and comprehensive commercial body as the activity venue for the first time, and are no longer limited to a certain club place as before.In addition to football, there are basketball, handball, roller skating, balance car, fencing, sports dance, tennis, table tennis, rope skipping, shuttlecock and other sports.

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