Cooperation and exchange between Jiang and Macao reach a new level

On April 27.  the 2021 Jiangao "opening a new Bureau and showing a new look" docking meeting held on June 27, six economic projects including yinhuwan Macao International Health port, Heshan Shuanghe tea culture experience industrial base and two social projects including "Jiangmen Macao cross border government service zone" were signed.Based on the first year, we will promote the cooperation and exchanges between the two places to a new level, and jointly accelerate the construction and development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area.

The reporter learned that among the economic projects signed at the docking meeting, the total investment of Yinhu Bay Macao International Health port project is planned to be 2.1 billion yuan, which will be led by AI technology incubator to build a business incubation and achievement transformation center and a health care application demonstration center for cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation industries such as artificial intelligence, big data and combination of medical care and nursing;Heshan Shuanghe tea culture experience and entrepreneurship base project will build an industrial base integrating modern production and traditional tea culture experience, gradually build Shuanghe town into a tea professional town through industrial transformation and upgrading, and build it into a pilot area for Guangdong industry to drive urbanization.In addition, the contracts also include the export projects of Wogan, Huangdifan and tomato, as well as the export projects of agricultural products, Xinhui tangerine peel and raw milk.

Among the social projects, the project of "Jiangmen Macao cross border government service zone" will further enhance the cross-border convenience of enterprises and the masses in Dawan district;Jiangmen Macao Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan District human resources social security service point project will rely on the advantages of Macao's related bank outlets and great influence to provide Jiangmen people social service for Macao residents, and further improve the service coverage and influence.During the docking meeting, Jiangmen famous, special and excellent new agricultural products exhibition was also held to comprehensively show the fruitful achievements of Rural Revitalization and "vegetable basket" project in Jiangmen, further promote the brand of "overseas Chinese brand" agricultural products, and speed up the pace of "going out".

Jiangmen and Macao are close to each other in geography, human relations and blood ties. They have always had very close exchanges and cooperationSince the promulgation of the outline of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao development plan, the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides have been deepened and a series of achievements have been made.For example, since 2016, the accumulated business volume of Jiangmen-Macao financial cooperation has exceeded 190 billion yuan, reaching a new level;Jiangmen initiated the establishment of "human resources and social security Macao service point" to enable Macao compatriots to handle business "at home";Macao Jiangmen Youth Association and Jiangmen performing arts center jointly set up Jiangmen Macao Youth Cultural and creative base;Novel coronavirus pneumonia pull together in times of trouble last year. Jiangmen and Macao joined hands to fight the disease, showing a deep friendship between blood and water.On the morning of that day, Jiangmen took the lead in setting up the "Jiangmen Macao cross border administrative service zone" in Macao, expanding the "cross border administrative service" to 301 items, further meeting the cross-border needs of Macao compatriots.

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