Opening of Jiangmen Macao cross border government affairs service zone

On April 27, the launching ceremony of "Jiangmen Macao cross border administrative service zone" and "human society self service cross border provincial platform" was held in Jiangmen fellow townspeople's Association of Macao.Wei Wentao, deputy director of the Provincial Administration Data Management Bureau, and Zheng Xiaoyi, deputy mayor, attended the launching ceremony.

Jiangmen Macao cross border government service zone is set up in the Jiangmen Association of Macao. It is a government service zone created by Jiangmen municipal government to meet the cross-border investment and living needs of Jiangmen and Macao, strengthen the deep integration of the two places, and accelerate the "soft connection" of government service mechanism.

According to the Municipal Government Affairs Service Data Management Bureau, the opening of the special zone and the cross-border provincial general office platform of human and social self-service marks a new major breakthrough in the cooperation in the field of government services in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, and is a major measure for Jiangmen to accelerate the realization of "soft connection" with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district.After the opening of the special zone and platform, Macao’s  enterprises and masses can handle more than 300 items of Jiangmen government services at zero clearance, opening a new chapter in the development of the integration of Jiangmen and Macao.

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