Copyright protection training and industry exchange meeting

April 26 is the 20th World Intellectual Property Day. In order to further enhance the awareness of copyright protection of the whole society and promote the development of copyright economy in Jiangmen, our city held the "April 26" copyright protection training and industry exchange meeting on the same day. Relevant responsible persons of copyright authorities at all levels, representatives from all walks of life and members of relevant associations gathered to listen to the lecture and have in-depth exchanges.

It is reported that this activity is guided by the provincial publicity Center, sponsored by the Municipal Copyright Bureau,  organized by the Copyright Bureau of Xinhui District and the Municipal Copyright Association, and supported by the E-Commerce Association of Xinhui District. The training theme is "Comprehensively Strengthening copyright work and promoting the construction of a new development pattern".On June 1 this year, the new "copyright law" will be formally implemented. In order to let the participants fully understand the copyright law and do a good job in copyright work, Lu Yi, deputy director of the provincial publicity Center, combined with the content of the new "copyright law", exchanged the background of the promulgation of the law, the comparison of the relevant provisions of the new and old laws, and the problems needing attention in the implementation of the new law.The campaign also released the "copyright protection publicity film of Guangdong Province in 2021", distributed copyright publicity materials on site, and carried out the special business training of "intellectual property protection of technology enabling enterprises".

In recent years, the cultural and art market of our city has been booming, which has laid a solid foundation for promoting the development of copyright economy.According to incomplete statistics, the economic contribution of Jiangmen copyright industry will exceed 320 million yuan in 2020.Next, our city will take creative innovation as the soul project of copyright work, and constantly cultivate a copyright culture atmosphere of respecting creation, resisting piracy, and being honest and law-abiding, so that Jiangmen copyright products will become "Internet celebrities" that are popular with the times, changing with the times.

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