Cleaning up Month unified action day activities

April this year is the 33rd cleaning up month.On April 22, our city launched the cleaning up Month unified action day with the theme of "civilization, health, green environmental protection".The main venue of the city's activities is located in Hushan Industrial Zone, Xingsheng community, Baisha street, Pengjiang district. A place near the Ocean Seafood Food Street was cleaned up.Lai Yanfen, vice mayor and director of the municipal cleaning up association, attended the activity.

At the scene, more than 100 people, including the person in charge of the member units of the municipal cleaning up association and the party members and cadres of the municipal government, held shovels, brooms and other cleaning tools, carefully cleaned up every hygiene dead corner and all kinds of garbage.For the corners that can be swept by tools, we pick up the garbage and put it into the trash basket.In less than an hour, the place that used to be full of plastics, bricks, dead leaves and factory waste became clean and tidy.After the cleaning, the site also arranged the vector killing staff to kill mosquitoes.

On the same day, other cities (districts) set up branch venues respectively to carry out the environmental sanitation clean-up activities at the same time, and jointly set off the upsurge of the whole society to participate in the cleaning up movement, so as to create a good  environment for the coordinated development of our city economy and society and consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control.

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