Benefiting nearly 40000 people in the city

Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau that in order to better protect the basic life of the poor people in our city, from January 1, 2021, the city's urban and rural minimum living standard will be raised to 932 yuan per person month, the support level of the poor and the extremely poor will be comprehensively improved, and the ability of civil affairs to provide for the poor will be further enhanced.

It is understood that after the improvement of the city urban and rural minimum living standard, the minimum living standard will be increased from the original 900 yuan / person month to 932 yuan / person month, which will benefit nearly 40000 people in the city urban and rural minimum living standard and poverty-stricken urban and rural people.

"This means that the families that failed to pass the audit and were included in the minimum living allowance last year because their monthly per capital income exceeded 900 yuan (the minimum living allowance standard in 2020) but was lower than 932 yuan, or because their financial assets per capital exceeded 21600 yuan but was lower than 22368 yuan can be included in the minimum living allowance this year without any changes in their income and property."According to the relevant staff of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, correspondingly, the recognition range of low-income families determined by 150% of the per capital monthly income lower than the minimum living standard has also been relaxed from 1350 yuan / person month to 1398 yuan / person month“More families in need can enjoy social assistance such as subsistence allowances, support from extremely poor people, preferential treatment for low-income families, and medical assistance. "Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau staff said.

In addition, after raising the standard of urban and rural minimum living allowance in the whole city, the per capital security amount can be increased by 32 yuan per person month this year, while the monthly per capital income of the families with minimum living allowance remains unchanged.Among them, families that have met the minimum living standard without comprehensive assessment income deduction will be given additional classified insurance according to 30% to 60% of the minimum living standard for the elderly over 65 years old, preschool children, school students, single parent minor children, seriously ill and severely disabled family members.After raising the standard of minimum living guarantee, the classified insurance will be increased by 10 to 19 yuan.According to the basic living standard of the extremely poor people determined by 1.6 times of the minimum living standard, with the increase of the minimum living standard from 17280 yuan / person year to 17892 yuan / person year, the monthly basic living expenses of the extremely poor people increased by 51 yuan.

"The regulation will come into effect on January 1 of this year, and the difference will be made up for the minimum living allowance that has been paid since January 1."Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau related staff told reporters.

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