Jiangmen-Macao youth cultural and creative base launched

On April 14, the launching ceremony of Jiangmen-Macao youth cultural and creative base was held in Jiangmen performing arts center. The base has become another milestone for the city to create an important platform for cultural exchange and cooperation among overseas Chinese and create a core demonstration area of qiaomengyuan.On the day of its launch, four Jiangmen-Macao enterprises, including Macao design center, Macao Eagle culture planning Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Dongxin entertainment media Co., Ltd. and Jiangmen sprint cloud Culture Construction Co., Ltd., became strategic partners of the base.

It is reported that Jiangmen-Macao youth cultural and creative base will focus on the concept of "promoting innovation by business, leading exhibition by business, and guiding business by business". It will build a platform for youth exchange from cultural and creative, performing arts, rehearsal base, project incubation and other aspects, so that cultural and creative talents can invest and start businesses in Jiangmen.Wang Wenjun, general manager of Jiangmen performing arts center, said that as the founder of Guangdong cultural demonstration park,  Jiangmen performing arts center will rely on perfect hardware resources and facilities to provide solid platform support for the cooperation and development of cultural and creative industries between Jiangmen and Macao. In the future, both sides will carry out more exchanges and cooperation in digital cultural industry.

The person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs said that the establishment of the youth cultural and creative base in Jiangmen and Macao is an innovative move to integrate the advantages of resources and actively participate in the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district. It will provide a new platform and a new path for the youth in Jiangao who are interested in doing business in Dawan district and realizing the value of life. It is hoped that the youth can seize the opportunity, open up a new situation and create a dream home for overseas Chinese,Realize the dream of hometown of overseas Chinese.

Li Zhengwen, chairman of the board of supervisors of Macao Jiangmen Youth Association, said that the Youth Association will help Macao green start-ups, small and medium-sized cultural enterprises to connect with mainland enterprises, so as to make Macao activities settle in Jiangmen and form an ecosystem and industrial chain in the mode of incubation and mass innovation space.

It is reported that the Wuyi Youth Cultural Festival (Jianghai station), the first large-scale cultural and creative activity of Jiangmen-Macao youth cultural and creative base, will be held in Jiangmen performing arts center  during the May Day holiday this year.

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