Jiangmen station handles 60.5 pairs of trains

4From 0:00 on October 10, a new train diagram will be implemented for railways across the country."Map adjustment" will further optimize the train operation scheme of Jiangmen station, meet the travel needs of passengers in Jiangmen Area, and effectively promote the rapid integration of Jiangmen City and major cities in the Pearl River Delta.After the adjustment, Jiangmen station handled 60.5 pairs of operating trains, 62 for Guangzhou and 59 for Zhanjiang and Maoming.

According to reports, after the "map adjustment", there are 49 trains from Jiangmen station to Guangzhou south station, 6 trains to fo Shanxi, 1 train to Beijing West, 2 trains to Shantou, 1 train to Shenzhen North, 1 train to Shenzhen Pingshan, 1 train to Changsha south and 1 train to Zhuhai.There are 44 trains from Guangzhou to Jiangmen station in the south, 1 train from Beijing to Jiangmen station in the west, 8 trains from Foshan to Jiangmen station in the west, 2 trains from Shantou to Jiangmen station, 1 train from Shenzhen to Jiangmen station in the north, 1 train from Pingshan to Jiangmen station in Shenzhen, 1 train from Changsha to Jiangmen station in the south, and 1 train from Zhuhai to Jiangmen station.

The adjustment of the train diagram is mainly reflected in the south direction of Guangzhou, with more frequent trains between the two places.However, it should be noted that the earliest train from Jiangmen station to Guangzhou south station was adjusted from 6:31 to 6:30, and the latest train was adjusted from 22:57 to 22:52.The earliest train from Guangzhou south station to Jiangmen station was adjusted from 6:00 to 6:05, and the latest train was advanced from 21:30 to 21:15.

In addition, all EMUs with "D" prefix passing through Jiangmen station have been changed to "C" prefix since April 10.

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