Dasha tea is on the list in our city

On April 6, the official website of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas announced the first batch of agricultural products registered with geographical indications in 2021, which was on the list of Dasha tea in our city.

Geographical indication of agricultural products refers to the unique agricultural product mark that indicates that agricultural products come from a specific region, and its product quality and related characteristics mainly depend on the natural ecological environment and historical and cultural factors, and is named by regional name.It is understood that among the 14 village committees in Dasha Town, 6 Village Committees carry out large-scale tea planting. The number of tea enterprises registered in the area under their jurisdiction has increased from 4 to 14, and 10 tea planting cooperatives have been established. The tea planting area has increased from 266 hectares in 2016 to 680 hectares today, with an annual output of 180 tons, mainly producing black tea, green tea and yellow tea.

Dasha town insists on taking the tea industry as a pillar industry to promote the construction of ecological tea garden.After years of cultivation and promotion, many famous high-end tea brands such as "dashali", "Tianlu Xianyuan", "dashahong" and "Gangping tea" have been successfully established, registered and launched.At the same time, based on strengthening the grass-roots party construction, Dasha Town, by practicing the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", focuses on promoting the agricultural supply side reform, and focuses on building the tea industry as a green industry, enriching the people industry, and strengthening the town industry. It has walked out a new development path of large-scale production, quality standardization, market diversification, and industrial integration.

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