Learning about the Knowledge of disaster prevention and reduction

3May 23 is "World Meteorological Day", also known as "International Meteorological Day", is the anniversary of the establishment of the World Meteorological Organization.On this year's World Meteorological Day, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau organized the "station open day" activity, inviting more than 210 citizens to enter Jiangmen Meteorological Bureau, Taishan and Kaiping meteorological bureaus to have a deeper understanding of the inseparable relationship between ocean, climate and weather, understand meteorology and learn about meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, and publicize the concept of "safe ocean", "forecast ocean" and "transparent ocean"Connotation.

On the site of the open day, the public can see the weather from the radar and experience a weather anchor; they can learn to see the clouds and sky from the observation site, understand all kinds of detection instruments and equipment from zero distance, and learn about the weather knowledge during the visit. Many people are very happy after the visit.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau said that the theme of "World Meteorological Day" in 2021 is "ocean, our climate and weather".When it comes to weather and climate, most people only associate with phenomena that occur in the atmosphere.However, the ocean covers about 70% of the earth. It is a major factor affecting global weather and climate, and also a key role in climate change.Jiangmen has a long coastline and rich marine resources. The impact of climate change is increasing day by day, which makes marine observation, research and services more important than ever.

According to reports, in addition to the "station open day", the Municipal Meteorological Bureau will also arrange staff to organize science popularization lectures in communities and schools, and carry out online cloud science popularization activities.Citizens can click the wechat link of Jiangmen weather, visit the Meteorological Bureau through mobile phone, and learn about weather disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge.

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