Issue of certificate of origin

Recently, Guangdong Taibao polymer Co., Ltd. received the certificate of origin of China Mauritius free trade agreement issued by Kaiping customs."With this certificate of origin, our PET chips exported to Mauritius can enjoy zero tariff treatment, and our products are more competitive in the market."The relevant person in charge of the company said.

This is the first certificate of origin of China Mauritius FTA issued by Jiangmen Customs District, and it is also an epitome of the development of Jiangmen Customs Service Enterprises through origin visa.

Relying on the mechanism of "straight train" and "hand in hand" between customs and local enterprises, Jiangmen Customs actively publicizes preferential policies of origin for enterprises, guides and helps enterprises to make full use of preferential policies, and constantly expands the coverage of preferential policies of origin.At the same time, the implementation of the certificate of origin "intelligent audit + manual review" operation mode, promote the certificate of origin "self-service printing", realize the visa "report and audit, audit and do", and minimize the time for enterprises to apply for the certificate.

It is understood that at present, China has signed 19 preferential trade agreements with 26 countries and regions, and the signing of regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) has further expanded China's free trade "circle of friends" and brought more "welfare" to foreign trade enterprises.

From January to February this year, Jiangmen Customs issued 5924 certificates of origin of various preferential trade agreements, with a value of US $292 million, a year-on-year increase of 31.85% and 16.03% respectively. It is expected that the enterprises can obtain nearly US $20 million in tariff concessions from the importers.

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