71 units provide 2434 jobs

Nearly 800 people came to apply for the job, 222 resumes were received, and 67 people initially reached the employment intention on March 18, Jiangmen City's "spring warm, spring breeze action" and "you employ me " Wuyi action public welfare recruitment fair was held in the city employment service center.As the first large-scale public welfare recruitment fair after the Spring Festival in our city, 71 companies including Vader paper, Sinopec and Manxiang Home  participated in the recruitment, providing a total of 2434 jobs.

According to reports, the recruitment fair has set up a "domestic market" platform, screening seven local high-quality domestic enterprises to participate, providing a number of positions focusing on baby care, nursing and nanny, with a maximum monthly salary of 13000 yuan.The recruitment site also set up employment assistance area, providing policy interpretation for the employment. Through the online and offline linkage, post information of WeChat official account such as "Wuyi people club" and "Jiangmen e- employment" was released to facilitate job seekers who could not come to the scene.

The reporter saw at the scene that not only well-known enterprises such as Vader paper, Panasonic electronics and Sinopec, but also high-tech enterprises such as Lifu (Jiangmen) environmental protection technology and Guangdong QIHANG Precision Technology participated in the recruitment.Yan Qidan, a recruitment specialist of Vader paper, told reporters that the number of orders will increase after the year, so the production workshop and production line will be added, and the labor demand can be imagined."At this stage, our recruitment target is 80-100 people. In addition to offline recruitment, we also carry out recruitment through centralized recruitment, online recruitment and other forms. In terms of salary, we will increase by 3-10% this year, hoping to attract more experienced and stable job seekers."Yan said.

In front of the recruitment booth of Guangdong Minhua Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., the person in charge of the company is adding recruitment positions on the display board. In addition to the original positions of chef, business thinking, secretary, etc., there are also accounting, security, equipment technician and other positions.

Over the years, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security has insisted on holding on-site job fairs on the 18th of each month, gradually forming a brand.Last year, affected by the epidemic, online recruitment became the "main battlefield".Although "cloud Recruitment" has solved a series of employment problems under the epidemic situation, the reporter learned in the interview that job seekers and recruitment units are still looking forward to the "face-to-face" traditional on-site job fair.Job seeker Li Weiqiang said: "offline recruitment is more authentic and reliable. I plan to consult and learn more about so many enterprises, hoping to find a stable job suitable for me."

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