Jiangmen has sufficient reserves of life relief materials

In order to prepare for disaster relief and further improve the ability of emergency material support at the grassroots level, the municipal disaster reduction Office recently sent a working group composed of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and the municipal development and Reform Bureau to conduct a comprehensive on-the-spot inspection on the reserves of domestic disaster relief materials in the city.

The working group has successively inspected the disaster relief material reserve warehouses of Jiangmen , the disaster relief material reserve warehouses of various cities (districts) and the disaster relief material warehouses of some key towns, and inspected the storage conditions, inventory status, account records, material management of various warehouses on the spot. By understanding the allocation and reserve of disaster relief materials of various cities (districts) from 2015 to 2020, the working group has urged all cities (districts) to carry out the work. In order to meet the needs of disaster relief, we should do a good job in the reserve of common disaster relief materials.

It is understood that at present, the storage conditions of disaster relief materials storage warehouses at all levels in our city meet the requirements, the supporting equipment is perfect, the material management is standardized and orderly, and the reserves of life relief materials are basically sufficient.However, in the process of inspection, the working group found that there are still some problems such as the need to further strengthen the management system construction and improve the types of material reserves in individual disaster relief material warehouses.

According to the requirements of the working group, all cities (districts) should do a good job in the reserve of life relief materials according to the requirements of the relevant documents of the higher authorities, listen to the opinions of the grassroots, do a good job in the advance and supplement of materials before the flood season, and improve the types and quantity of relevant materials; reserve more materials that have been stored for a long time and are easy to reserve; and reserve more materials that are not easy to save and are updated quickly in rotation (e.g Food, drinking water, etc.) can be stored in the form of commercial agent or agreement; each warehouse should do a good job in the management of storage environment, pay attention to the work of insect prevention, moisture-proof, fire prevention, etc., to ensure the good quality of materials when they leave the warehouse.

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