The first cartoon exhibition was held in Jiangmen

The black bear, a symbol of Russia, lives in the Northeast; the lion, a symbol of Britain, dominates the Yangtze River valley; the eagle, a symbol of the United States, flies over from the other side of the Pacific with the star spangled flag

Those who have studied history in middle school must still remember the cartoon "the picture of the current situation", which reflects the crisis of China being divided up by the imperialist powers at the end of the 19th century.

However, many Jiangmen people may not know that the author of this cartoon is Xie zuantai, a patriotic overseas Chinese from Kaiping City.

This is the news obtained by the reporter recently at the "first Guangdong Cartoon Exhibition Tour (Jiangmen station)" and "overseas Chinese hometown - Jiangmen cartoon artists' joint exhibition".

It is understood that Xie zuantai was born into an overseas Chinese family in Sydney, Australia. He has been influenced by Chinese culture and education since childhood and is determined to serve his country.When he was 12 years old, he made a promise to his father that he would return to China when he grew up.He not only used cartoons as a weapon to write down the strongest voice of the times, but also actively developed airships and devoted himself to the dream of airship power.Xie zuantai, who is proficient in mathematics and engineering machinery, has successfully built Chinese first airship, the "China" airship.

Zhu Songqing, deputy director of the comics Committee of China Artists Association, director of the comics Committee of Guangdong Artists Association and professor of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, said that traditional Chinese comics, known as "time painting", "satirical painting" or "allegorical painting" at that time, were born in the early 20th century on the land of China carved up by imperialist powers, and accompanied by China transformation from feudal dynasty to modern society. It has gone through all kinds of struggles with the development of Chinese society.From Xie zantai and Ye Yinquan to Liao Bingxiong and Zhang Leping, from Migu and Fang Cheng to Zheng Xinyao and Xu Pengfei, the creators of traditional Chinese comics, because of their high sensitivity to society and deep love for the country, have always insisted on praising the truth, the good and the beautiful, attacking the fake, the evil and the ugly in the form of independent paintings, and injected a clear stream into social development with their own unique voice.Xie zantai and Ye Yinquan are from Jiangmen.

In addition, it is understood that in modern and contemporary times, Li runtang, a cartoonist who has repeatedly won international awards, and Chen Chunming, a cartoonist who has "moved cartoon art into the countryside" for the first time in China, are also from Jiangmen.

Wang Changhuai, director of the Municipal Art Museum, said that the two exhibitions were linked, showing nearly 200 excellent comic works, including more than 70 works of Jiangmen cartoonists."I hope to lead the audience to understand the social responsibility of this art form of comics, and inspire more young generation of comic lovers to have a deeper understanding and thinking, so as to play a positive role in promoting the development of Jiangmen comic career."He said.

It is understood that the exhibition, sponsored by Guangdong Artists Association and Municipal Bureau of culture, broadcasting, tourism and sports, will be held in the Municipal Art Museum and will last until April 9 this year (among them, the joint exhibition of Jiangmen cartoonists works will end on March 26 ahead of schedule).

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